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Jittsin Engineering Co.,Ltd . is Company for building design, construction and building industries.
We have a team of experienced engineers. And expertise is highly specialized work. About the different construction.
Such as construction work, electrical work, pipe work machine.
Wastewater treatment systems, air systems and replacement of electrical energy and other industries associated with building plants.

Jittsin Engineering Co.,Ltd Modern technology has led to the construction of buildings and facilities. Make assignments to be completed quickly and well. Details of construction are under a contract with the employer. With control in the construction budget to the budget. If you're looking for people who have experience and expertise in plant construction and building products company Hitts Engineering Limited is pleased the service.

Group of business
Construction of government buildings and residential homes such as condominiums, etc.
Industrial Construction (Civil, Mechanical, HVAC, electrical, tools, treatment systems).
Pipelines and other construction (EPC, construction, wind pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, etc.).
Devices installed. With the design.
Electrical installation and equipment. Other related facilities.

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197 M.19  T.Makhuajiae  A.Muang Lamphun 51000
Tel : (66) 53 503818-9, Fax : (66) 53 503818-9 E-mail :jsn@jittsin.com
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